5 Reasons You Should Have a Strong Presence on LinkedIn

Many executives often ask these questions:

“Why do I need to be on LinkedIn if I already have a résumé?”

“Why should I be active on LinkedIn if I am not looking for a new job?”

“I’m a private person. Won’t people understand that some of us are not into social media?”

Whether you are a job seeker or happily employed (and not currently looking for a new job), being active on LinkedIn can be advantageous in many ways. These five reasons outline why you are missing out by not having a strong presence on this key social networking site.

1) LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. With more than 467 million members worldwide (as of November 2016), LinkedIn is the most important website for professionals. Its membership spans 200+ countries and territories.

2) LinkedIn provides an easy way to reconnect with the individuals you already know and connect with new contacts. Staying in touch with the people can be difficult. LinkedIn helps you keep track of people you know such as classmates and former coworkers, making it easier to reach out when you need them (for example, if you need a reference during your job search). LinkedIn also allows you to build your network with new connections. You can use the search features to find new contacts by company, title, location and more.

3) LinkedIn is a great platform for positioning oneself as an expert. A good way to be seen as a thought leader in your industry is to increase your visibility. One way to do this is to actively participate in Groups related to your industry and/or job function. You can also write articles for LinkedIn’s Publishing platform. Whenever you comment in Groups or post articles, the updates will be available within your profile, helping others to see that you are an engaged member of this social networking community.

4) LinkedIn can help expand your digital footprint. Just as website managers think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), individuals should consider what they want to appear in results when someone searches for their name. Recruiters, prospective employers and potential clients often research the people they are dealing with, and your LinkedIn profile is likely to be at the top of the search results. LinkedIn is generally one of the first sites to appear and can be strategically leveraged to position oneself.

5) LinkedIn enables you to be found as an active or a passive candidate. Most recruiters and hiring managers search LinkedIn first to find candidates that match their search assignments. A strong LinkedIn profile can enhance your candidacy if you have an impactful headline, a robust summary, a solid network of contacts, at least a few recommendations and relevant skills. Having a strong LinkedIn profile filled with your career accomplishments and top keywords will help prospective employers find you, even if you are not actively searching for a job.

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